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University of Namur main web server

Monday 30 May 2011

I’m the network team leader of the University of Namur.

Our IpV6 configuration is rather simple.
The goal, for the world IPv6 day, was to give IpV6 access to
our main website, namely www.fundp.ac.be.
As our perimeter firewall does not support yet IPv6 in router mode,
we deployed a "IPv6 only" LAN aside, as we didn’t want to "bypass" the firewall.

Currently, we are advertising a "quad A" record for ipv6.fundp.ac.be
that will become soon the record for "www.fundp.ac.be". It points
towards a reverse proxy server.

We will also install soon an IPv6 version of BIND (the name server).

Because of our rather limited human resources these are very basic steps.
We hope to go further in the following months:

1) Define a v6 address scheme

2) Install the new version of the firewall, which hopefully support IPv6
in routing mode.

3) Experiment v6 routing on some selected pilot subnets of our academic LAN

4) Configure more servers in "dual stack" mode.

Hope this was of any interest ! Cheers, Bruno

P.S: thanks to Olivier, Eric, Carmelo, and many other IPv6 enthusiasts for their kind support.

View online : http://ipv6.fundp.ac.be

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