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2013: what a good year for IPv6!

Thursday 2 January 2014, by Eric Vyncke

2013 has been a great year for IPv6 in Belgium; especially for residential Internet Service Providers. After EDPnet, we saw VOO and Belgacom deploying IPv6 (and Telenet should be any time soon). By checking on January 2nd the Belgian IPv6 penetration number at
[http://www.google.com/ipv6/statistics.html] => it is 4,95%, we missed the 5% mark by 0.05% :-O

On the other hand, it is also clear that Belgian mobile providers are doing nothing while in US Verizon and T-Mobile are deploying IPv6 on a very large scale, probably because they understand the benefit of IPv6 and the big drawbacks of IPv4 CGN.

The other black spot in Belgium is still the content... we are late on this game and with more and more people behind CGN, an IPv4-only content provider is at big risk regarding security and reliability. Only rtbf.be, gva.be and KULeuven.be in the top-50 are IPV6 enabled... See [http://www.vyncke.org/ipv6status/detailed.php?country=be].

More work to be done with the content providers (a lot of them rely on Akamai which can provide IPv6 easily) and with hosting providers (Colt, Telenet, Skynet mainly).

So, plenty of work to be done but with 5% of IPv6 penetration in Belgium, our country is well in the leaders group with US, Germany, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, ...

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