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Slides of 9th IPv6 Council are available

Tuesday 10 May 2016

Our 9th meeting was hosted by Nokia in Antwerp. All slides are available after the pictures section. Some sessions were also recorded:

The final agenda of our 4th of May 2016 meeting was:

  • "Proximus update", Marc Neuckens, Proximus
  • "VOO Update", Sven Lanckmans, VOO
  • "Telenet Update", Carl Wuyts, Telenet (recording, password MsgxKeF9)
  • "The IPv6-enabled Digital Ceiling", John Baekelmans, Cisco (remote) (recording, password 3GmUwpiF) note combined with 7 minutes of IETF updates
  • "IPv6 in Eir", Ross Chandler, eir from Ireland (recording, password 4vHMSqpm)
  • "IPv6 @ CDN", Tim Vereecke, Akamai (recording, password Ufz9RXmc)
  • "IPv6 in 5G, Mobility and M2M/IoT", Thierry Van De Velde, Nokia (recording, password Xr9VvS2n)
  • "IPv6 for the next billion Internet of Things devices", Danny Hughes, KULeuven (recording, password KaegAmP9)
  • "IPv6 @ Colruyt", Wim Eeman, Colruyt
  • "ISOC 360 Update", Kevin Meynell, ISOC (recording, password kUz7M8bw)
  • "IETF IPv6 news", Eric Vyncke, IETF OPSEC WG chair (recording, password 3xYS6xvv)

The recordings were done via Webex (player works over IPv6) and you will need to install a free player to read the file. Passwords are also required. Thanks to Pieter Lewyllie for having taken care of the recordings.

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